I've realized you've never been to me ever since
yet i claim you as mine.
we were so close that you trusted me
and i trusted you trusted you in return.
But after that incident,
our distance grew farther and farther
it's my fault, sorry.

And now that someone you love owns you
i have nothing to do
but be jealous in the sidewalk
watching you
as you two talk intimately.
there were laughter and giggles,
smiles and teasing eye contacts that bothers me most.
I walk out of the scene
and disappear like a bubble in a thin air,
i cried.

i wish i could still call you
the way i do last time and tell you that i'm jealous.
i wish i could tell you that i wish i was the one you love
i wish i was the one holding your hand,
laughing at your jokes and smiling as you tease me.
i wish i was making that passionate and intimate eye contact.
but you're gone..
you have someone else.
that's why i'm out of the picture.

2 komento:

  1. awww... sad... i feel you...

    I just hope this is fiction kasi I know how it feels...

    Mga Tugon
    1. ayts, maraming salamat po... this may sound bitter pero this is how i feel right now.. napag-iwanan.. sab but true.. :(