Vote Wisely!!

A nation of sheep is usually run by a government of wolves. Bad politicians are not concerned of the welfare of the people; they are after their own selfish interest. Freedom is earned so we have to fight for it aggressively. Democracy is precious specially for the majority of the people. Do not allow the tyrants and the oligarchs rule our life. Vote wisely and do not sell your votes.We should change the system in government that favors only the elite few like the resource distribution that make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Let us establish an electoral system that will give us a comprehensive choice of candidates preferably those who are deeply devoted to genuinely serve the people, not their pockets and business interest. Since our independence in 1898, our status as nation and people have not changed. It is deplorable as majority of the people are being marginalized. If the trend will not change, election is useless.

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