miss you letter 1

Dear Papa,
                From now on, I will constantly write you a letters. Maybe this is a sort of update of what is happening with me here in Samar. Maybe this can also be a form of reminder that I will be always here cheering for you and supporting you all the way through. I will always be the kind of son that is so proud of his father. No matter what happen will love you.
                You called today, November 19, 2012 at exactly 10:50. It was not a long conversation since you are going to the site and you just tried to call me but it is so sweet. Hearing your voice from my cell phone definitely brought me to that moment when all my nerves felt euphoria. It has been months since the last time you call but you regularly sent me message every Sunday reminding me to go to Mass by sending the responsorial psalm of that day. I always feel your presence here with me even if we’re miles away. I remember a movie which tells that a person leaves his scent in this world from the places he have been through, and if another person feels that scent then they are connected in that certain place and time. I feel your scent all the time. I know you’re here with me all the time.
                I heard you cry over the phone. It’s quite obvious that you’re crying even when you said that you didn’t burst into tears. I was teary eyed for the moment, I suddenly remember the time you accompany me to the bus station and as soon as the bus leaves for Samar I notice that I was crying in my sit. The woman next to me started giving me tissue. My point was even in a short span of time that you were away, I already missed you and ate Loucel, ate Joy, Mikmik, Kristine and baby Aliyah. I miss every moment, things and stuff we’ve shared even in good and bad times. You never want us to suffer in pain and rejection that is why you always do your best to give us good life.
                I want to tell you more but I guess that is the reason why I need to send you letters. Be healthy always. God never forgets us. We are blessed in our own way. I know you sacrifice so much for us and that is why I’m doing my best for you, for our family, my sisters and brother and to God. I am okey here, don’t worry about me here I just get to my emotional side sometimes. I love you and I miss you.

Your Loving Son,

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